NETP Wallet

NETP is using HTMLcoin’s wallet(s) to receive and send tokens. The HTMLcoin wallet is HRC20 compatible and can be downloaded here

After you download and install the wallet, please follow the instructions below on how to add NETP to your wallet.


Step 1. Add a new token to the wallet:

On the ‘overview’ page locate and click on ‘add token’.

Step 2. Add NETP to the wallet:

In the ‘contract address’ field copy and paste this contract address e08e0dafd1efef65b8dc9c139dfd54ca409c740e – this is NETP’s main contract address and should always be used whenever you set up a new NETP wallet receive address.

Enter NETP in the ‘token symbol’ field. The ‘token name’ will be filled in automatically.

In the ‘token address’ field drop down menu chose an address to use. If this is the first time you set up NETP in your wallet then there will only be one address in the drop down menu. The next time you ‘add a token’ there will be a new address and so on and so forth. You can add as many new token addresses as you want, or continue use the same address.

When you are done filling in the fields, click the confirm button to add the token.

HTMLcoin step 2

Step 3. Verify NETP has been added to your wallet.

After you click confirm the newly added token will show in the window as shown below. You can now receive NETP tokens on the address shown in the window.

You can also see the NETP token address has been added to the ‘overview’ screen under ‘other tokens’. Have fun earning and spending your NETP tokens!

HTMLcoin step 4