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“NETP Coin is the premiere payment coin for cryptocurrency news and media services, freelancers, and a growing network of businesses who understand the importance of stable and fast transactions in the e-currency world. NETP is slated to be one of the best coins for use-case adoptions by 2020, and is already the leading cryptocurrency news and media coin. The News Token Pool Network is delivered around the world to every country, in almost every language, through cryptocurrency news sites, digital communities, and investment channels, and and is expected to become one of the best altcoins ever created.”


Publish on Which Sites?


A European Leader In News - Over 200,000 viewers across it’s network, including aggregators, social media, and primary European investment audience....


News For Wall St. and Beyond, from New York, NY.​ The insider’s guide to crypto from the New York Team with 1000s of subscribers and viewers across social media, reddit, and much more...

Coin Currency News

First Cryptocurrency News Station Established in 2014, served over 100,000 clients and continues to wow the world. One of the first Bitcoin and Altcoin news sites....


An online magazine-style site dedicated to the most important topics in the Cryptocurrency world...

"Asia's first stop for bitcoin and altcoin news, Coin News Asia is an excellent resource Asian crypto news."...


BTCVIA news, a site dedicated to Bitcoin mining and crypto mining news ...


International News Site with focusing on multiple languages...



The Facebook of ICOS, ensuring an excellent position to attract new investors from a niche group of VCs and angel investors...

Bit Cash Player

Bit Cash Players

Bit Cash Players dedicated to bitcoin and cryptocurrency games...

NETP News Syndication Program

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News Token Pool becomes the latest project to adopt our blockchain

News Token Pool (NETP) is the latest company to have chosen to build on our affordably, quick and efficient hybrid-blockchain technology. NETP secured the assistance of Htmlcoin Foundation and its token creation automation to create a token that will serve as the foundation of its entire news network.


NETP – The Premier Payment Token of the Future

This project has been operating under different names for 3 years, and already has a large group of shareholders and investors. We are looking to give users the opportunity to get the NETP tokens and become part of the development community to help bring the NETP token to market

Our Perspective On The NEWS Token Pool And Why It Makes Sense To Take Part

This article is aimed toward all our colleagues that are involved in creating news content on cryptocurrency and blockchain tech, and the publishers. That said, it might also be helpful in assisting our common readers understand how they can help us grow and create better content.